Special arrangement on Chinese New Year Holiday

I am Teddy Chan, the RC-Fever.com owner.
I want share some news with all of you.
If you see this newsletter, it means you want to know the latest news from my site.
I would like to share some of my feeling with all of you in this newsletter. (Or you can skip this and read the end of this newsletter for the key points)

I run RC-Fever.com business for almost 10 years
Due to the economics downturn, last year was the tightness time for us, and may be for many other business too.

The Chinese New Year holiday is very special to us, especially to the Chinese workers.
For most of the EU countries, USA or even Australia, the workers only need to work max 40 or 45 hrs per week.
However, in China, or even in Hong Kong, we work at least 12hrs per day , 74hrs per week.

And we don't have much public holiday or annual leave.
That's why the Chinese holiday normally last for 2 weeks.
And this year, it will last for almost 1 month.
So that the Chinese worker can have enough time to travel back to their home town.
To see, to visit, to give a hug or even a kiss to his family, friends, wife, husband, etc.

I never explain this situation in the past 10 years, and simply put the announcement on the web site.
I want to state clear in this newsletter and try to explain the real situation.
As my sales support team really do great job in the past 10 years for me, and the most important, for my customer(you.)
And I hope you can understand why we cannot make the shipment during the Chinese New Year Holiday.
Our sales support team will only have 10 days off, and all the products mark as "shipped after 48hrs" will NOT be affected.
For the other products, we need the factory to supply the stock to us, which may not fulfil your exception.
That's why I want to have an apologize here first and hope you can understand.

Lastly, I hope all of you enjoy the flying and we will keep providing better service, better products, and better price to you.
If you need any help or if you have any opinion, please feel free to share with us by email, or facebook.
Make your order now to make sure you can get the products on time.


All the orders:

On or before 2013-01-25: Will be processed normally and guarantee ship out on time.
Between 2013-02-08 to 2013-02-17, will be shipped out on 2012-02-18.
Between 2013-01-25 to 2013-02-25, only "Usually ship after 48hrs" will be shipped out on time.
For the rest of the products, we will ship out once the factory back to work.

3 Comments To "Special arrangement on Chinese New Year Holiday"
Cary Feldman - 16/11/2013

I understand the need for Chinese workers to go home. What I don't understand is your unacceptabley high no choice shipping costs at least to the USA ! You have great products at great prices,but the exhorbitant cost of shipping makes them as expensive if not more so than any other Hobby Shop.If you want to expand your bussiness,you must offer lesss expensive shipping options!
Roger - 04/03/2013

I am new to the hobby of RC Helo's and have become infatuated with the hobby. I currently fly two Double Horse helo's the 9104, and the 9116. I too work long hours and look foward to a few minuets each day to simply fly. So I understand how important any amount of down time to spend with family, friends or just time relaxing. and like Hilario said in his comment I to like seeing other cultures understaning the need for down time. Thanks again for all your hard work and I look foward to many years purchasing from RC Fever.
F. Hilario - 23/01/2013

Hi I'm enjoying my Syma S107 since for months, and have many friends here are very happy too. Thanks to you and all the guys and girls from RC Fever. I hope everyone there can enjoy the Holiday, with families or not, that, besides another culture and country, have similar meaning around the world. So, I wish you all a Happy New Year! And I'd like to thank you again for the awesome job and act of kindness and consideration! See ya soon, RC Fever Family! Regards from Brazil !

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